Monday, March 07, 2011

It's Monday

and I am finally, finally getting around to writing that post where I tell you what I've decided about school ( and probably a bunch of other meaningless news about my life that is nice to get out on paper). Also, you guys should know that I am writing this blog post while watching Gilmore Girls. I am doing these things when I am supposed to be writing a 7-10 page paper that is due tomorrow morning. That I have not started on.

Anyways, on with the task at hand. I have decided that I am definitely going to stay in school. I am going ahead with graduating this quarter (next week, to be exact!) and will begin the vet tech program in the fall. That being said, I want to say a huge, huge, huge thank you to everyone who took the time to share a similar experience, give me advice, or just plain words of encouragement when I posted about this the first time. My readers friends are amazing, I don't know what I would do without you!

I've decided that after such a disappointing and difficult student teaching experience, I still love teaching, but I am not ready to go ahead with it at this point. Hopefully someday I will come back to it, but I don't want to subject students to my lack of enthusiasm for my job, because like my friend Jay said, they will definitely pick up on that, and that's not fair to them. I plan on giving it a whole-hearted go at a later time, and am excited to get ready for that!

In the meantime, I have about 6.5 months until school starts again, and in that time I plan on starting and completing training for dog training at work, going to "groom school" (which is just four weeks of training at another salon), and working as close to full time as possible. I plan on saving up as much money as possible for school, and working hard to pay towards my student loans. I am really excited to get started with the program in the fall, but I am excited for this [much needed] break from school over the spring/summer.

Happy Monday, everyone! I am off to do some paper writing :)
<3 Stephanie


  1. Excited for you that you've made a decision you're so excited about. Lots of love & good luck!

  2. Thanks, Kate :) You are awesome.

  3. Glad you've made up your mind! What a reliel :)

  4. Thanks, Sarah! I am excited about it, too!

  5. Well, there's a load of weight off your shoulders!

    And remember this...

    "People drop their kids off at school and forget about them. Those same people drop their pet off at the vet and worry about it all day."-someone who may or may not be me : )

    Good luck. You're going to do great.

  6. That's a very good point, Jay! And I am probably that person, also :) Thanks for everything!

  7. Yay! Good luck with Grooming Academy! I know when I worked there, if they sent you through academy you had to commit to working there for two years, are they going to make you do that?

  8. Yay! You're going to be one sassy vet tech :) And you should def stay in school as long as possible...the real world is mean.

  9. Crystal, they haven't anything to me about two years! I will definitely have to ask, though!

    Jacke, that is my plan :) Thanks! xo

  10. Anonymous11:14 PM

    Yay! Congrats! So happy you decided to do what you love, Steph! Sometimes I think I'd much rather work with animals than people ;o) Good luck with everything...and congrats on graduating in a week! Exciting!

  11. This is awesome, Steph! I'm so happy and excited for you. Way to go :)
    Twitter @theloudermouth

  12. Congratulations on making a decision! I think it's great you've decided to go after something that will make you happy.


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