Sunday, February 06, 2011

Happy Super Bowl!

1. Happy Superbowl day, everyone! This morning, we took Guillermo to his fourth week of puppy training class, even though he’s not really a puppy anymore! We are so proud of him. He’s doing such a great job learning all of the commands and tricks thrown at him. He’s also losing weight, finally! The vet said that he was perfect at 8 pounds, but a little overweight at 9 pounds. And just to give you a little idea of what that means, one pound equals about 15-20 pounds for a human on a dog as small as Guillermo, so it can be really beneficial for him to lose that little bit of weight! He’s also pretty much regained full use of his bad leg, again. He walks, runs, and jumps on it, and only sometimes does he hold it up (usually in the snow ;)).

2. Tonight, we’re going to hang out with some friends for the Superbowl near my parents’ house, and that should be awesome to get to see everyone. :)

3. Also, we’re getting satellite, sometime this week! We haven’t had cable since Nick moved out of his dad’s house in 2008, so I am a litttttle excited. My parents have it at my house, but since I am rarely ever there, I don’t get to watch much. Although this has made me spend more time on other things… reading, blogging, puppytime… haha!

4. There are plans in the works for Nick and I to officially move in together in the fall, taking for granted the fact that I will for sure have a job come that time. We are planning to move back to Clifton, but to the Ludlow side. For those of you who are not in Cincinnati, that’s the side of the university that is called the gaslight district. It’s a little nicer than the opposite side of campus, and there’s so much that draws us to that area. After being in school in Clifton for 5 years, and Nick’s living there for 2, I got really used to being within walking distance from everything I could need!

5. Speaking of finding a job… I have so many plans for next year that ALL hinge on my finding and having a full time teaching job. I actually have a lot of anxiety about this, because the job market has been so terrible as of late. I have contacted my old communications professor in hopes that she will help me make a spectacular resume and cover letter, and I plan to get licensed in Indiana and Kentucky once I get my diploma in the mail at the end of this March. I also plan to apply to every district possible in the tri-state, to make absolute sure that I find a placement. This might mean changing our plan of moving to Clifton, because there’s the possibility that we’d have to relocate. This is all SO overwhelming! It helps to get it all out here. If any of you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them!

Check back later today or tomorrow for another “What Guillermo Wore” post! [He just got a new sweater!]



  1. Good luck with everything! I just dropped everything and moved to Chicago without having a job first, and it's been really, really hard looking for one. So I would say wait until you know about that before you make official moving plans. Poverty is not so glamorous as it seems :/

  2. Good luck on your job hunt AND your favorite super bowl team.

  3. Jackie - I am really nervous about finding a job! I am definitely going to wait to move until I find one. Good luck in Chicago! xo

    CR - Thank you so much! <3


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