Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lonely Toothbrush

Remember the time I posted about a snow day? Well. It turns out that Nick couldn't get his at-home set up to work from home. So he has to go all the way to Mason. And since the weather is only supposed to get worse? He has to take one of the offered hotel rooms tonight, so that he can make it to work in the morning. This means Guillermo and I are settling in for the long haul all by ourselves until tomorrow night. Sad face. At least I have a multitude of Grey's and Kindle books to keep me occupied! Hope your snow day is turning out better!


  1. that's sad : (

  2. This is so adorably sad! The photo is cute. Enjoy the alone time -- you'll see him soon.
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  3. hehe it's okay guys ;) thanks <3

  4. aw thats the saddest photo. i hope he comes home soon! xoxo jcd

  5. he will! tonight! :)


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