Sunday, November 07, 2010

Puppy Love + other types of love, too

Hello! Happy Sunday!

I tried to get a decent picture of the Chihuahua son, especially in his poor little cone, but it was impossible. He's gonna have to wear it again, anyways, so I'll be sure to update later with some proper pictures!

On the same topic, he is doing SO MUCH better. He hasn't started using his leg to walk, yet, but he is using it to scratch his ears, again (which was really hard for him at first!) and he has started laying on his bad side, too! He cries every now when he is really uncomfortable, but he's getting lots of rest and and sleep. Right now, he has his head buried in a cardigan of mine on the couch, snoozing away!

In other news, I have been having ridiculous dreams lately. I think they might have something to do with the fact that I haven't had soda in 15 days (WOOP!). I had a dream a week or two ago about bubble tea, which I have never had, but looks SO delicious. So, I have taken to asking my twitter peeps 83843 questions about it and one of them was gracious enough to help me find a place in Cincinnati that sells it! I plan on going to the Tea n' Bowl on Tuesday before class at UC to get one to try for myself!

See? Don't these look delicious??? I need to try one, asap.

I have also been having dreams about coffee!! I love the warming qualities and taste of coffee, but I hate that it makes me have the jitters, so unless I have the option to get decaf, then I usually don't drink it. Which is REALLY unfortunate considering Nick got this Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks a couple weeks ago and it was omgsogood. I had a dream about the very thing, and have been fighting the urge to buy a coffee on the way to school in the mornings, because I always end up regretting it when the cup is empty and my hands are shaking! 

But seriously? I am having a hard time saying no.

I am really excited about tonight because Nick only works until 5 and I don't have to leave for work immediately after he gets here like I did last night. I spent the entire day cooped up in this apartment while Nick was working so Guillermo wasn't alone. It was SO boring! I think I have exhausted every interesting movie choice on Netflix. 

ANYWAYS, tonight Nick and I are having another Chipotle date and we are going to watch The Book of Eli (which is our first movie from Netflix, yay!). Possibly we will then watch the new episode of Dexter, which I have been completely obsessed with this season. Basically, I am just excited to have company! Hope you all have a lovely Sunday and a great Monday! 

xoxo S

P.s. I bought a Cosmopolitan this weekend to satiate my boredom and in it I read that The Bell Jar is being turned into a movie! I cannot wait to learn more, and will definitely share once I get some more deets!


  1. bubble tea? chipotle? the bell jar into a movie? this is all amazing.

  2. hehe! i agree! xox :)

  3. I was SO excited to try bubble tea, but I actually hate it. Tastes like wet fruit snacks, if you ask me. And not in a good way!

  4. HAHA! that is the first bad review i have heard! now i am REALLY curious!


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