Monday, November 01, 2010

Hey, y'all!

I just wanted to drop in and tell you about the sponsorships I mentioned earlier! The ads are up over at Pardon My Ffrench:

Jaelynn was gracious to do this for me at no charge, which was SO NICE of her. I plan to send her some goodies in exchange before the week is over; I hope she likes them! 

Go check em' out :)

I have some really fun Bloggin' Ladies lined up for you guys over the next few weeks! I can't wait to share them [or read them, for that matter!]. I hope you guys love.

Tonight, we went shopping for the week and then Nick made us dinner, and I made the guac! I have featured this recipe a couple of times, but you can find it here to make on your own! 

I have tons of papers to grade (grrr) and a puppy + boyfriend to cuddle. Hope you all had/have a fantastic Monday! <3 S


  1. Awesome news about your sponsors! I'm on windshield diaries too this month :) I'm gonna try and be a little more consistent w/ this whole thing, and then maybe put some more effort into promoting. :)

    Good luck with your papers! (How lucky am I -- I can grade any 6th grade assignment in about 90 seconds. Minimal essays, you know. =P )

  2. thank you! and i saw your add! congrats :)

    you ARE lucky about your 6th graders! although mine aren't much better than 6th grade level, unfortunately... :-\

  3. glad to have you! that guac looks DELISH!

  4. Thank you! Feel free to swipe the recipe :) <3


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