Monday, October 25, 2010

Weekend Updates and Sunday Letters!

So. I realize that I have been ridiculously lax and not so present in the blog world over the past week. I realize that I have done what I said that I would try not to do and posted mostly features all week. I realized this and I am sorry. Do you forgive me? I hope so.

I have tons of things to talk about in my absence, including but not limited to: Guillermo, weekend, school, Sunday Letters, and recent reads. I am excited about all of the above!!

  • Guillermo: He has been doing so well, lately, and we are dreading his surgery next week, but also looking forward to it because we know that it’s for the best. My only concern is how expensive it’s going to be, and whether or not his recovery will go smoothly. I know that he is in good hands at this new vet, and that the doctor he has will take great care of him.

  • Weekend: This weekend was crazy hectic. I worked Friday night, had a meeting at work on Saturday morning, and worked Saturday night, also. In between all of that, Nick and I got to hang out just a little bit. Then on Sunday, we slept in, and then I spent most of the day with Lauren and Ashley. Followed by pumpkin carving with my family!! I chose to do a Hello Kitty pumpkin, which turned out just OK. My family all told me how awesome and just-like-HK it looked, but I am still skeptical. Although, I appreciate their kind words :)

    Also, over the weekend, Nick and I got into a terribly stupid, and ridiculous argument. There are extenuating circumstances and I don’t want to go into the entire situation here, but let me tell you. There are lots of things that I have thought about and that have happened over this weekend to let me know that I should appreciate my amazing, loving, caring, and gentle boyfriend. Stupid fights don’t matter, and I can stand to let go of the little stuff.


Sunday Letters...*

This week’s letter goes to: My dreams.

Dear Dreams,

Lately I have been having some very interesting, and often times confusing dreams. What do you mean? I would appreciate more straightforward, happy, and not so confusing dreams. And if you refuse? Please try to not stick with me for the rest of the day. I really have nothing else to say to you besides this.



I'll be back later tonight with my recent and projected reads! Please check out the blog buttons that are new to my page to the right of this column, and leave a comment if you snag one! I would love to check out their new homes and your blogs :) xox Stephanie

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  1. Your boyfriend has great hair! :)

  2. hehe, i think so TOO! he hates it, but maybe if he knows someone else feels the same way as i do, he'll believe it!

  3. I feel ya! I got in a fight with my bff (also my ex-bf) a bit ago, so we were avoiding each other for the past week or so, which made me realize I'd much rather have him and his ridiculous-ness that I can't stand sometimes than not at all.

    I'm looking forward to your book post... I love other people's reading lists for some reason.

  4. love the photo!!!

    and yes, sometimes they are worth the effort. the good hair gives him points ;-)

  5. kelly, i hope things are better now! <3

    amanda - thank you! loved your post today :)


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