Monday, October 25, 2010

Books = omg.

At school this week, the kids are taking the OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) and I am left with only a few students each bell, and my Kindle. This is what most of today looked like :

[Sidenote: I am starting The Crucible with the kids on Wednesday and I cannot wait. My favorite part about teaching literature? The background notes I give before each new book or work. I love to research and learn more about what I am teaching, and it makes me feel so smart to tell the kids + especially when they answer questions!!] 

So. Here are my books of interested lately!! I know I did a book post a while back and these don't exactly match up - but I have an explanation for that. Ever since school started I have lost most of my motivation to read. Until recently! I have been reading like crazy the past two weeks, and have almost finished the Shopaholic series, like promised, ages ago. I am on the fifth book:

and am eagerly anticipating ordering the sixth and newest book via my Kindle and Whispernet! There are two covers that I found for this book. The first one matches all of the other books that I have in this series, and others by Sophie Kinsella/Madeline Wickham, but the second one? I think it's super cute.

[Disclaimer: I do have a brain, guys. I do read interesting, though provoking, deep literature. On occasion. But sometimes a girl just needs to be obsessed with British Chick Lit. Am I right?]

This is the book that we assigned to the kids today for their long independent portfolio piece. Granted, it's an 8th grade level book, and they are 11th graders, it is still about one of my favorite subjects to learn about: the Holocaust. I know this is morbid, and you would probably agree with Holly about me, but I am just fascinated by the hope that is involved in stories about the Holocaust. The survivors, the victims, and what they leave behind. It's so through provoking and intoxicating. 

This book is, apparently, pretty graphic. I know I have learned about the Holocaust and know basics, but not enough to introduce the book sufficiently to class, so Holly did that part today. She also read a few excerpts from the book and omg. It really sounds like a fantastic (although, not very uplifting) read. My understanding is that this author has written a sequel to this book called Dawn

I also have been wanted to read this book by Lauren Weisberger. If you didn't know, she is the author of The Devil Wears Prada, which is another of my favorite books, I have read it a few times, and love the movie just as much. 

That's it for my book post, tonight :) I hope you guys found something interesting to read! xoxo Stephanie


  1. I have read Chasing Harry Winston, and it is fab and funny and a good, light read. I also have read Night, by myself and then again in college. It is amazing. I believe he wrote three books (which you can find all together in some editions), Night, Dawn, and Day. I read all three on my own and they were also great. I obvs loved Night the best, and I think your kids will love it, too! Yay for you being excited to be having them read super neat books! :)

  2. YOU DID?? I hope I love it, too. I am going to read that after I read Mini Shop. Did you read that one, yet? I hope it's so good!! I can't wait to read Night, either! I love teaching neat books :)

  3. go on youtube and watch the interview of....ellie wiesel? i think...and opra. he walks her through the concentration camps and recalls everything he went through. it made the book ten times better when we watched that after we read the book.

  4. i was so close on the spelling. but the video;its split up into a lot of parts. my teach had it on tape.

  5. Chasing Harry Winston is a great light read, especially if you already love Lauren Weisberger, and if you like fun chick lit like the Shopaholic series! I, too, am eagerly awaiting Mini Shopaholic :-)

  6. tony - this is an AWESOME idea. i am going to find those clips and then show them to my class as we go. thanks!! maybe you can give your teacher my email address so I can ask him some questions?

    Barb - I can't wait to read both books! I have heard so many good things about CHW and I am really excited. Have you read anything else by her?

  7. Omg!! since in in Honors I have to read night over Christmas Break!! Im pretty excited about it:)

  8. yay!! let me know how it goes!! and if you need any help, you know where to find me :)


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