Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thrifted Art

So, I have been meaning to do a post about the art I have hanging in my room (because I love love love it) but I haven't gotten around to taking suitable pictures. I STILL haven't taken suitable pictures. So, these will have to do.

The first set of prints is a pair, and I got them from the local Goodwill. They aren't signed, and I don't have any idea who the artist is, but I got them for $12 and they are amazing. I usually hang them upside down, but in this picture we had just moved in, and details were not figured out. So for the "real" effect, turn your screen over ;)

The next one is a Rodney White print that I got from World Market before we closed. I hid it so I could buy it at the discounted price, but don't tell ;) This is one of my favorites because, duh, I love red. 

There you go! A little peek into my bedroom and my favorite art (that I own). Hope everyone had a great Thursday! xoxo Stephanie


  1. Your place is so cute! Good taste.

  2. Thanks, Ladies!! :)

  3. Anonymous1:18 AM

    love the red... and the idea of hanging those prints up-side-down!

  4. Thanks! They are definitely my favorite finds.


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