Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Realization: These incredibly cheesy-happy looking, 90s kids could SOON BE ME.

Just thought everyone would like to know that I applied for graduation today. FROM COLLEGE. I never, ever thought this day would get here. Five and a half years after I started this incredibly long journey towards a career, I finally, FINALLY have something to say/show for it. It's so rewarding! Also - since the registrar at my school is so strict about application for graduation deadlines, I can't graduate at the end of this quarter. So, I'm stickin' it out for another 10 week quarter (a winter one, at that!). During this quarter, I'm taking classes that I did not-so-well in back in Freshman and Sophomore years when I didn't realize yet that my actions did actually directly affect me almost all of the time. So. Here's for paying for the same classes twice. *clink*

In other news, we have been making Guillermo exercise his leg quite a big lately. Our theory is that if we work up his atrophied leg muscle as much as we can NOW then he'll have a little better of a time recovering after the surgery in November. Did I just say NOVEMBER?? omg. So, that's our plan for the little guy. We are hoping that everything goes according to plan, and realize that worst case scenario? We have a three legged dog. He's still a dog - an alive dog. I'm okay with that. Not really. Not yet. But I could be if I needed to be.

Anywho - Just wanted to stop in for a little update! Hope you all checked out Wednesday Wonders, too!

Have a great Thursday! xoxo S


  1. Congrats!!
    You're pretty good natured about paying for classes you've already taken...I grumbled non-stop when that happened to me. :P

  2. hahaha this actually JUST dawned on me today. I am not a fan, BUT if it helps my GPA which is also in the shitter because of freshman and sophomore years then.... i GUESS ill do it ;)

  3. Mazel tov! Very exciting for you.

  4. Thank you, thank you!! :)


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