Monday, October 11, 2010

Manic Monday

FIRSTLY, HELLO! to all of my new readers and followers. You guys make my days awesome! I love that you want to read what I write. Thank you thank you! <3


I just thought that I would point out that I didn't intend for every Monday to be a "Manic Monday" post. But it seems that since I had the first one, every Monday has been ridiculous in some way or another.

Today was absolutely terrible. I was told on Friday that I needed to do a PSAT practice crash course today and tomorrow (Monday and Tuesday). Never having taught this test before, I went in to school extra early today to make sure I could get some guidance from Holly. The first thing she says to me is that she is going home sick. Okay... I thought; I can handle this. Right? Apparently wrong. The sub (an IA at the school) came to sit in the room with me, since as an uncertified student teacher I am not allowed to facilitate a classroom alone. The kids were absolutely horrible. In each and every bell, they were horrible. The only bell that was remotely calm was my advanced kids, they love me still at least.

The IA interacted with the students way too much on a way-too-friendly of a level and only escalated their reactions to discipline and structure more. This, in turn, reflected on me. For the rest of the day I heard from other students "We don't like you. Where is Ms. Holly? Why are you so mean?" etc etc etc. I wanted to pull my hair out. I don't know what to do when things like this happen. Suggestions, kids?

Being in an urban, inner city school is hard work.

Then - I had a little uplifting chat with my mama, and I got home to my puppy.... This = instant smile on my face. PLUS so much love from my Twitter friends, and genuine love from my Facebook friends. My day is already looking up. Finally, I stopped at NPR's site to catch up a little and I saw this article: "Teachers Who Made a Difference: What's your story?"

This story gave me a little boost to make things better tomorrow. Hopefully there is one kid in one bell that listens, learns, appreciates me. That is worth it to me. 

Thanks for hearing me vent, y'all. 
<3 Stephanie

**images via weheartit and NPR


  1. Oy! I'm so sorry it was a crummy Monday. I hope the rest of the week is much, much better to make up for it. I'm planning on applying to be a substitute teacher this week & am quite nervous about it, based on some of your posts...!

  2. Thank you for the well wishes ;) I think you'll be fine. Just be careful about where you teach! Some kids will get an inch and take a mile.... you can do it! xoxo

  3. Hang in there sweetie! Being a teacher is such a rough job sometimes, but there are always the few kids who make it worth it in the end. I hope the rest of the week is a bit more calm. *hugs*

  4. Russty, thank you SOMUCH. You have made me feel so much better today!! I really appreciate you. *hug* <3

  5. one of my co-teachers was in a similar situation a couple months ago. the other co-teacher's sub was too friendly and riled the kids up. let the school secretary [or whoever is in charge of assigning the subs] know about this person so they aren't assigned again. and if they are, the secretary could possibly switch them w/ another class's sub!

  6. ahh that is such a good idea! the only problem is that this sub lives with my mentor teacher. they are roommates of sort... so anything i say will get back to her! so frustrating :-\


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