Thursday, October 07, 2010

Class rules!

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Today at school was trying. As was yesterday. Kids are pushing it to the limit each and every day, and more and more I hear the famous "YOU aren't even my real teacher, so I DON'T have to listen to you." It's one of the most frustrating things to hear from a student, and there is almost no way to combat it, other than to tell them they are being disrespectful. One student asked when Christmas break was today, I replied "December 17th." She said: "Is that when you're leaving?" and I nodded my head. She said: "YESSSS!!" It kinda hurt my feelings a little.

After my class on Tuesday night at UC, I have had a lot of great ideas. I have a meeting planned with my principal next week, just to get to know her a little, and I also am planning to go to the homecoming game on Saturday night to make myself visible outside of class, and to introduce Nick to some of the kids. It will be nice for them to see me outside of class.

Also, one of the girls in my cohort spoke about her "three battles" that she has chosen for her class. These are a set of three rules that she absolutely does not bend on. I think this is a great idea, and I plan to implement it in my classroom. I think that after school tomorrow, I am going to change the room around so that it's like a brand new place when the kids come to school on Monday. I plan to put these rules in place, and hopefully see a change in behavior. The two I have chosen so far are:

  • No eating. (The kids have been allowed since day one to eat in the classroom. Holly keeps a microwave and small fridge in her room, and they completely take advantage of this. It causes SOMUCH disruption.)
  • No standing, walking, getting up AT ALL unless you have permission. (The kids pretty much do whatever they want, because there is little structure in our room. This is one of the MOST disruptive things.)
  • I haven't figured out the third thing yet. Do you all have any suggestions/opinions?

I just have to keep reminding myself that it won't be like this forever. I am ready to be a "real" teacher with a license and a classroom and a salary. I cannot wait. 

Tomorrow we have a pep rally, and Holly volunteered herself to stay behind with the kids in the school who are not allowed to attend. This means that I have to take fourth bell (our worst bunch) to the assembly on my own. I am TERRIFIED. Please cross your fingers that this goes okay. I really, really hope it does. 

On a more positive note, my advanced kids turned in SOMANY of those Catcher in the Rye literary analysis papers today! Most of the ones I got were rushed and not very good, but they still have a chance to revise. I am a happy teacher! [for that bell...]

Check back later tonight to see Morgan's first Bloggin' Ladies feature for Blackbird Fly!! I am excited to post this one :) 

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  1. I like the idea of the three battles! I might pick something like "no putting others down," or something, to enforce respectfulness. This isn't to say kids can't disagree or debate, but not in a way that is hurtful to anyone else. With the recent spate of student suicides, I think this is more important than ever.

  2. I was thinking this, too! Maybe something like "always respect yourself and others." I also need to figure out a consequence. The girl I got this idea from does two warnings and then a detention. Hmmm...

    Thanks for the suggestion!! <3

  3. oh my goodness! i definitely feel for you! i take it you are a long term sub? this sounds so much like my first year...
    classroom management is always THE biggest struggle. my biggest tip to offer you is *consistency.* if you don't allow eating in class, don't make any exceptions, etc. if you say you are calling home or hold detention, make sure you actually DO it.
    and i totally agree w/ suburban sweetheart. expect politeness from everyone. if you are polite to them, they are USUALLY polite back [same w/ if a teacher is snarky or sarcastic - they'll get the same back].
    i'm sorry if i preached a tad much! good luck with your three battles :)

  4. Thanks, roxy! this is great advice. I am student teaching, so it's even harder because I don't get paid! I am struggling a bit because my cooperating teacher is kind of difficult. Thanks for your support :) xox

  5. Tracey10:08 PM

    Don't feel sad about that student's rude remark! I have been through the same thing with a particular student, but our relationship has improved much since then. Basically, she got an attitude with me because she wanted me to give her the answers to a worksheet instead of doing it herself. When I held my ground, she bitingly asked when the other teacher will take over. My mentor told me that when I leave, they'll be doing the same thing to her. Soooooo, just smile and brush it off! DEFINITELY don't let her see that it perturbs you.. Love ya, Steph!

  6. Thanks Trace :) This actually happens to me a lot, i think this has to do with not having complete control from day one. Oh well, only 10 more weeks! Love ya!


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