Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Bloggin' Ladies: She Breathes Deeply

I am SOEXCITED to start this new feature on my blog: Every Tuesday I will post/feature a blogging lady who inspires me to keep doing what I do! I can't wait to share where I get all of my great ideas from, and more importantly, the blogs I love to read on a daily basis. First up is Mandy from She Breathes Deeply! 

Name:  Mandy

Age: 24

Blog: www.mandysuzannereid.blogspot.com "She Breathes Deeply"


When did you begin blogging? I started blogging WAY back in the Xanga days and have been a blogger ever since.  

How long have you been blogging? I have been currently blogging "She Breathes Deeply" for a year and a half or so.  Formerly, my blog was called "And yet still.." in latin… And it was mostly just poetry and musings.   I entered a new season in my life… so it was time to change it up to "She Breathes Deeply."

What is your inspiration for writing?  I think that the best writing advice I ever received was, "write what you know."  My blogs revolve around what is happening in my life in that season.  Blogs kind of evolve in a sense.  I used to write really sad poetry, and that was fine for that season… But now I am an adult, happily married, and with child- so naturally I write about the things nearest and dearest to my heart.  

Where do you get your ideas? Confession:  I think in blogger.  Example… If something even semi interesting happens to me during the day, I think of how I would write out my experience in my blog.  I have heard how people who speak two different languages sometimes "think" in their second language.  I think in "blogging."  I blog, therefore I am.  : ) 

Tell us something interesting about yourself! I am a tattooed momma-to-be… I am a wife and best friend to the most AMAZING man in the world.  I am saved by grace and in love with Jesus.  I wear scarves even in the summer.  I used to be a fashion design student.  I run 5k's (when not pregnant.)  I am a Christian Yoga instructor.  I have a hard time saying "no" to chocolate.  And as much as I would not like to admit it... I think I am a southern girl.


Do you have any advice that you want to share with fellow lady bloggers? Yes!  Write what you know.  Don't try to be like any other blogger.  People will love you and follow you for your originality.  

Also, be personable!  I try hard to always stay active talking to other bloggers, and people who comment me.  No one wants to comment over and over and never be answered!  Granted- it is harder to keep up with everybody once your blog grows.  There are definitely some weeks life is just too busy to reply to every comment.  (And I feel TERRIBLE when I don't reply to people!)  I think it is such a honor when someone takes the time to e-mail or comment me on my blog!  I definitely want to return the favor.  Besides just being personable and polite- I have met SO many wonderful blogging friends!  I feel like I know these ladies.  Blogging is such a great community!  Stay active!

What is one thing you are looking forward to most in your future?

I am looking forward to my first baby being born!  I know I will have so much more to talk about-- gabbing about my sweet baby!  Oh, and all the pictures to post of those cute little fingers and toes!  Hehe.

Thank you so much, Mandy! <3

I hope you all liked this first edition of Bloggin' Ladies! If you have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please leave them below! xoxo Stephanie


  1. this is such a great idea to do! :)
    thumbs up!

  2. Thank you! I am exciting to share all the blogs I read everyday! xoxo

  3. Thanks for featuring me, girl! You are too sweet. : ) Sorry it took me so long to comment-- I have been at the doctors today... I AM HAVING A GIRL! : )

  4. Love Mandy! Yay!

    Super adorable blog. :]

  5. Love the idea and love "She breathes deeply"! I started my blog only 4 weeks ago - everyone is welcome! chrissyinamerica.blogspot.com

  6. I just came across your blog- this is such a cute idea :)

  7. Thank you all [Lissa, Chrissy, bebe bird beck, Mandy, and Polly] SOMUCH!! I loved reading all of your friendly comments, it totally made my day. I hope all of you keep coming back!! <3 x a million.

    CONGRATS, MANDY!! I always hope for people to have girls, they are so fun to shop for!! I am SO happy for you!! xoxoxo

  8. What a cute feature! Miss Mandy seems like such a darling gal! :)

  9. Thanks for stopping by, Allie! She is great :) Come again! xoxo Stephanie

  10. Love her! I follow her too. =]

    Bloggin' ladies is a very fun idea.

  11. great idea for a post, good choice of blogger too- looking so cute with her baby bump!!! what a lucky girl xx


  12. Agreed and thanks :) Thanks for stopping by Sian!


  13. Love it! Thanks for such a great read! :) And I really enjoy how Mandy is a fresh of breathe air! She seems to be such a wonderful, kind warm hearted person :)

  14. She really is! You should definitely check out her page. She has so much to offer, and is incredibly kind. Come again!



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