Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tuesday features, dents, and reads :)

Ladies and Gentlemen, my lovely friend, Morgan featured me on her Tea Time Tuesdays post over at BlackbirdFly. :) Please, go check me out! You can click here, here, or here! Thanks, Morgan, you’re the best :).

I think since Morgan is doing it, I might have to do something like that also, but if any of you have an idea of a nifty name for this fun feature, let me know!

I kinda had a rough morning! My brother was playing basketball in the driveway when I got home last night, so I had to park really awkwardly. That accompanied by the fact that I was still sleeping (practically) when I got into my car to go to school, today led to my backing into a tree in our driveway on the way out. The wheel well is dented; and other than feeling like a complete idiot, everything is fine. But, needless to say, it didn’t help my mood any!

Today was a pretty lazy day at school; I mostly graded papers and made some quizzes and study guides for the coming week. The students who are reading The Catcher in the Rye had to do a stream of consciousness journal entry today. It was so hard for them to understand! Somehow, writing about whatever you want is a little overwhelming to some kids :).

**Just wanted to point out that in this picture of me at school, there are a list of detentions on the board behind me. I know it's hard to read backwards (thank you, photobooth) but one of my lovely kids wrote "Ms. Zella Boss" underneath. For some reason, that's why my AA kids have taken to calling me, in a really deep voice. Sillies! I thought everyone would like a little laugh out of that. :)

I have to work tonight, 7-12. I am SO not looking forward to this. Days that I have to work after school are completely exhausting! Even though this is the place that is actually paying me for my time, it is extremely hard to go in there with a positive attitude after spending my entire day at school, which is exhausting itself! I hate thinking this way, but luckily there are only 13 weeks of student teaching left. I can’t wait to be licensed and paid for this. It’s going to be great.

After school today, I have OGT tutoring until 3:30. Then I plan on going home to take a nap with my little puppy before work. It seems like if I don’t take a nap these days, my day is so much worse! It’s amazing how much a little sleep can help.

Unfortunately, lately, I have had no energy to even read. I have been wanting to do a book post for a while, now, but since I am so slow at reading this same book I have been for a month, I have really nothing new to say! If it weren’t for my kindle, I would probably have no desire to read whatsoever, so I am really happy that I have it.

Anyways, that’s all I have for today! Don’t forget to check me out at Morgan’s blog, here! And don’t forget to hit the follow button at the top left before you go! (If you’re a little apprehensive, don’t worry! It doesn’t send you emails or updates or anything like that. It’s only there to let me know you’re stopping by!)



  1. So I find Ms. Zella Boss hilarious and also think you should have just run your brother down. Basketball. pssh.

  2. I thought it was pretty hilarious, too :) I should have run him down, but there were other cars in the way, too!


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