Thursday, September 09, 2010

Thursday, only one more day until the weekend!

Wow! Guys! I can’t thank everyone enough for stopping by. It seems like there are more of you checking out how I am doing every day! Thanks!

Today was so much better than yesterday. In fact, I am still at school, enjoying my lunch/planning bell. I have all my papers graded, and already know what we’re working on tomorrow. We only read all day long and the kids seemed to be thankful that they had a relaxing day. I was appreciative of the slow work, even though it was a bit repetitive reading the same two chapters aloud with three bells. ;) However, the third bell, AA kids read aloud two chapters from The Catcher in the Rye and it was so much fun! They were all laughing and giggling at Holden’s speech and it made me feel so much better about having a bad day yesterday. A few of them even told me that they love the book, and they are glad we’re reading it. I can’t wait to talk more with them about it.

I have also started tutoring one student for the OGT in October, and he seems to be struggling a bit, but I am trying to teach him to slow down and not get worked up about a timed test, just do what he can and that will work. He is such a good kid and it’s so rewarding to help him out with something that I can tell he is working so hard at. I hope that this pays off; he really deserves it!
Here's hoping that tomorrow is just as great as today was!

Anyways, that’s all for now, just wanted to give a short shout out to all my lovely, lovely readers. ;) <3


P.S. Check back tonight for another post about all things Stephanie + being vegetarian. xo!


  1. I just want to say that.. remember a few weeks ago when you started this student teaching, and you HATED it, more than life itself? And that you were questioning whether or not it was your path? And I told you that if you just keep getting to do more and more of the teaching, you will love love love it. And look at you, my big bad teacher! I am so so proud of you, Stephanie-One. I love you. And I cannot wait for all the thousands of stories you will tell me about your kids throughout all your years of teaching. :)

  2. Lauren! Thanks :) This makes me feel a lot better. I honestly just think it's my placement, and not West High. My mentor teacher and I are so different, I just feel as though I am not living up to her standards. She seems so annoyed with me at times. I hope I am just being too sensitive and this is not true, but we will see. Tomorrow is going to be the longest day of my life. I am scared.


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