Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Miscellaneous items of interest.

So, this is something that has been bothering me for a while. For a long time before getting into this blogging thing, I was a fan and follower of lots of other blogs. I read them religiously, and still do. They were so inspirational to me;, especially those that had similar situations. It was so much fun to read about and even more fun to find out which “big” bloggers were following others, and then to read those blogs, too. I have gotten lots of great ideas from every blog I have read, as I am sure that they have done before, and I have even featured some of them in my own posts.

Unfortunately, it seems that SOME of these blogging ladies have little regard for their readers. I have been trying really hard to keep up my momentum and to get myself involved, and I have come into contact with some really great people! (Thank you to those who have been so helpful :) )However, there are those that seem to shut down at the thought of one new blogger trying to network among her veterans. Contact stops, and it’s really kind of rude. It’s kind of discouraging, and since I am sure they were in my position, once, I think a little more consideration is in order!

Now that that’s off my chest, I thought I’d do a “What’s in my bag?” post. These are my FAVORITE ones to read on my favorite pages, so I thought I would do one myself, even if no one else cares what’s in my bag. ;)

1. Charlotte Russe bag - I think it was only $15, I have had it for years and it's amazing. I wear it with everything, even though I probably shouldn't ;) It's bigger than it looks and holds everything I need!

2. Kindle - My pretty kindle in its black carrier case. I bring it everywhere and read it anywhere - the dentist office, at school, in bed, in the car (not while I'm driving, of course); it goes everywhere with me.

3. Franklin -Covey Planner - As you can probably tell from my planning posts, I am an organization girl. I always have a planner with me, and this is my newest one. I just got it from Target and it's awesome, so pretty.

4. Vera Bradley Wallet - This pattern is retired now; in fact, I can't even remember what it's called, but it's my second favorite next to Mesa Red. I am not ordinarily a Vera girl, but I LOVE her wallets.

5. Hello Kitty Pouch - This is where I carry pens and pencils. When in school (college school) it is always in my bookbag, and when at school (teaching school) it's always in my purse or canvas bag. I am pretty particular about my writing utensils, so it's important that it's always at hand ;)

6. Juicy Cotoure Glasses Case - Even though my glasses are REACTION, when I bought them, their case was too small, so the lovely ladies at my eye doctor's office gave me this one, instead. So cute.

7. Old Navy Shrug - This is an essential for school and work.

8. Sunglasses - From Target, essential, duh.

9. Smipod - This actually belongs to Nick and it has been in my purse for ages. I have a red nano that I keep in my car (the second last generation).

10. Swatch - I got this little guy with my Daddy in NYC last summer, I love love love it.

11. Dental floss, pen, gum - essentials.

12. Hello Kitty Pouch - filled with yummy lip balms.

13. Addiction: CO Bigelow Cinnamint Mentha Lip Balm - From Bath and Body Works. GET SOME.

I'll leave you with a picture of my favoritest mug. I got it at the MAXX; it was only 4.99 and there are matching plates that I need to have. I am willing to take donations ;)

See you tomorrow :) xoxo


  1. i'm so doing a purse contents blog when
    1) i clean my purse out enough to not be embarassed at what's in there
    2) after this weekend, which if there is a blog, will be all kinds of ooshy gooshy stupid silly love girl stuff.

  2. I would like to see what's in your messy, messy purse :) Have so much fun on your anniversary! Congratulations! <3


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