Monday, September 06, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

Since I haven’t posted a music entry yet, and it’s such an important part of my life, I thought I would introduce a few of my favorite bands right now!
The first one I want to feature is of Montreal. They are fantastic, an indie pop band that is full of wacky lyrics and fun euphemisms. I am actually seeing them on September 21 with Nick and a couple of our friends, plus his sister, Lynzie. I have seen these guys once, last year at Bonnaroo 2009, but at the time I was fighting a serious case of vertigo, and didn't really enjoy the show. In fact, they kind of irritated me. But, since then, Nick has gotten me hooked on them and I can't get enough.

Next is She & Him. First of all, I have a giant girl crush on Zooey Deschanel, and I love almost anything she does. Her partnership with M. Ward in this American folk-y duet is no different! She is also fantastic in 500 Days of Summer, which I recently rented and then purchased, she was so great in it! (Plus, it’s just a really fantastic movie all around). I have seen these two twice this summer, and I was only introduced to them back in January of this year. I saw them once at Bonnaroo 2010, and they had a huge, huge crowd. I saw them again at Forecastle, a music festival in Louisville, KY, that Nick surprised me with tickets for our anniversary. They had a small crowd the second time around, and it seemed like only a handful of people were familiar with them. It was a fantastic show.

Also, if you're interested in seeing her in one of my favoritest movies, click here for a peek at the trailer ;)

Next up, The Decemberists. One of my all time, favorite indie rock bands. They have lots of upbeat songs, and also tons of slow ballads that use accordions, organs, and an upright bass. Very fun. I have only seen these guys once, during the same trip to Bonnaroo 2009 and on the same day that I had the aforementioned vertigo, but I really enjoyed them. They didn't play anything that I was familiar with at that show, even though I have been a fan for a few years. They played most of their newest album, Hazards of Love, which is FANTASTIC, and in my opinion, should be listened to from beginning to end with no interruptions. It's like an epic, terribly sad and beautiful novel that you can't tear yourself away from.

Anyway, there you have a few of my favorite tunes. Lastly, I thought I would leave you with a picture of my pretty little puppy being cute, per usual.


  1. that chick was in Yes Man with jim carry

  2. You're right, brother :)

  3. ok im gonna go ahead and say it...i think we are twins separated somehow, hahah first of all we are both veg heads! :) then to top that off you love She & Him. I love love love them. they are my go-to band, I can never tire of their music. and Zooey is my girl crush too (so we might have to fight over her if it comes to it hahah). I have a while list of Youtube videos of her in different movies that I love. and I love of Montreal also. I haven't listened to them in a while so thanks for the reminder because I adore their music. Keep up the blogging, it is really interesting! Good work ")

  4. This makes me SO happy!! I love this. I wish you could have seen them with me this summer! It was amazing seeing them live so close together (within a month of each other) and I really hope you get to see them sometime :) I would love love love love to see your list of clips! I watch them lots on YouTube all the time, lol.

    Also, you should TOTALLY come see of Montreal with us on 9/22!!! They are at the Madison Theatre and tickets are only $22!


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