Friday, September 03, 2010

Oh, hello, weekend!!

It’s so hard to believe that the last time I wrote was a whole week before the school year started, but it’s not surprise that I haven’t had the time. Student teaching is EXHAUSTING. But, seeing that I have gained another follower inspired me to create another update.

On the same note, it’s been a rough few weeks. The school and my fellow teachers are fantastic, and they even came to me with a need for a professional tutor for the after school OGT (Ohio Graduation Test) preparation program. This is exciting because not only will I get to help tons of kids who need to pass the OGT to graduate, but I am being paid what they would pay a teacher for this type of duty – almost $30 and hour. AND it’s just one more thing that I can put on my resume for when the time comes to woo a school with an open position for the next school year.

Needless to say, I have been exhausted and am SO ready for this long weekend break!

This is what the end to my first day at the school looked like:

Also, I have been rereading the Shopaholic series by Sophie Kinsella in order to review for the latest book coming out in just a week or two, Mini Shopaholic. I am currently on the third book in the series, Shopaholic Takes Manhattan.

I would recommend this series for anyone who likes chick lit, especially of the British variety, and for those who love to read but don’t have much time to enjoy the more serious and lengthy literature.

I would love to make this post longer, but the boyfriend/husband just returned from work. There’s sure to be more updates over the long weekend!

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