Sunday, September 19, 2010

Oktoberfest and Shuffleboard :)

One year ago, today, Lynzie and Brandon were wed. This is my little shout out to them to have a wonderful anniversary! :) You guys are the best! You can check out Lynzie’s blog here. Stop by and leave her lots of love!

Last night was real fun. We went to Oktoberfest first, where we were greeted by my friends Mindy and Madeline (who got Nick a free beer!) and then we made our way down to 5th and Vine to meet Kas, Richele (LOVE her), Greg, Ali, and Chad where Nick and I got [free] potato pancakes for me and a metwurst for him! He also had another beer or two, and then we split a cinnamon sugar pretzel. I am realizing now that I should have kept my promise to take pictures, because this would be much more interesting :)

After this, we decided that since the show we originally planned to see was at the Mad Hatter, that it wasn’t worth the money to go. I thought tickets were already bought and paid for, so I was a little relieved that I didn’t have to go! Instead, we made our way to Fogarty’s in Cheviot. Cheviot is not usually my first choice for bar-going, but this place isn’t so bad! Brittany just-so-happened to be there, one of the most awesomest girls, ever; and they have an awesome shuffleboard table and I totally kicked ass for Nick and I during the one game that I played. I was the DD, so I didn’t drink last night (not that I am really into alcohol yet, since my birthday, but that is for a different post) but I had so much fun anyways! Nick got a little more than drunk, and had a little tummy ache later on, hehe. We ended up, finally at Carl’s house, which was awesome! I haven’t seen Carl for ages, and I have missed him a lot! It was awesome to see him again, and one of Nick’s old friends was there, too, so that was really nice!

We were supposed to hang out with Justin and Kas and others this morning/afternoon for the Bengals game on TV, but Justin ended up getting free tickets to see them play downtown. Nick and I are recovering from last night with some episodes of Seinfeld, blankets, cold pizza and Trix! This makes for a great lazy morning.

Hope everyone had a fun Saturday and plans to watch the game, today! Don’t forget to follow me by clicking the little button at the top left! I promise that you’ll get no annoying emails or updates. This little guy just lets me know you’re stopping over to check up on me. Thank you so much!


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