Thursday, September 23, 2010

Late night thoughts!

I am really excited about the next few weeks on this little blog of mine. I have so many fun posts and new things I am planning! That being said, I have had some incredible writer's block today. That or it's just been on of "those days" and I need a teeny tiny break.

I will leave you, however, with a little update about school, today. And some puppy pictures! 

It was a fast day at West High, today. The kids worked on Daily Oral Language Lessons in each bell, and then silent sustained reading. The AA kids (third bell advanced kiddos) worked on a journal slash pre writing activity for their next paper. They all complained, naturally, but they'll thank me when they have to write a paper with twice the amount required and half of the work is already done! Personally, assigning paper after paper is not my idea of a fun time in the classroom, but thank you, Ohio standards, for giving me so much more to play with than paper after paper! I would love to just have the kids read a book and write one of the characters a letter... or re create a setting in the novel using ANY OTHER MEDIUM than words! For chrissake. 

Third bell today was SO talkative, and during our plan bell, Holly and I talked about what I can do to put a stop to this. Thankfully, it's not just me that can't get their attention or get them to calm down, it's Holly, too. So, she thinks that I should call a few parents of the biggest problem kids. Can I just say: This TERRIFIES me. What do I tell them? Your child is annoying. Please get him/her to shut up, PLEASE. What do I say when they react the same way their kids are acting in class? I would really like to skip the entire business.

All the sudden, 2-6 weeks of complete control is looking a whole lot more enticing. 12 weeks to go. 

In other news, I spent the afternoon cleaning the apartment. A plumber is coming tomorrow morning because our sink has been inoperable for about 5 days now. Since I can't stand for someone else to see a messy home, I finally took matters into my own hands and humbly did our dishes in the bathtub/bathroom sink. Somehow, this just does not seem kosher to me. At least the kitchen is clean. 

Shew! Beck + Kings of Leon got me through the two point five hours it took to get the job done.

Nick will be home shortly, and then we will probably indulge in more than enough Seinfeld and puppy snuggles.

Unfortunately, though I have been asking for hours for weeks and weeks at famvid, they haven't been able to give them to me. Until now. I have to work every day this weekend, and probably next, too. So, you probably won't see me much around this blogging space of mine for the next few days. Don't miss me too much!

Is it a bad idea to have coffee now?


P.S. Autumn, WHERE ARE YOU? I do not want one more 90 degree day. Please and thanks. 


  1. Tracey5:51 PM

    Guillermo is getting big! I was terrified the first time I had to call a parent, also. Fortunately, I got the answering machine! lol ...and the child's behavior improved tremendously after that. The 2nd time I had to call, my mentor put the call on speaker phone, so we could both participate. It's not so bad! You've worked at a call center, so you know the rules of courtesy and what not... lol Good luck! ;) oh, and if it makes you feel better, my mentor also appears a little nervous when she has to call parents.. I think it's normal. The feeling may not ever go away...

  2. I had to call a bunch of parents a few weeks ago, but that was only to let them know about the OGT prep thing. Not behavior problems! I hope that the first time I have to call about behavior she would do what you guys did... That sounds a little comforting at least!

    <3 you, Trace!


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