Monday, October 08, 2012


my gradma's vintage necklace 

Watching: So many Reds games, Parenthood, and The New Girl. All my favorites on at the same time, after a whole summer of nothing to watch but White Collar (totally addicting, btw.) The only thing I am missing is some Dexter in my life, but since we don't have SHOtime, I am going to have to find another way to fill this void.

Hoping: This weekend comes fast. It's only Monday and this week is packed with things to do.... Bret was sick today so I stayed in and cooked him a giant pot of chicken noodle soup (from scratch!) with rotisserie chicken from The Fresh Market and lots of fresh veggies, organic chicken stock, and whole wheat, whole grain noodles. Obviously, I couldn't eat any of it, but he says it was a 10.... How sweet :) Tomorrow I get my hair cut, Thursday is a work night after a work day, and Friday is our first Owl Time of the school year and the third to last football game of Bret's coaching season. Apparently, it's a pretty big game and I am really excited for it this week. I plan on being super prepared with a blanket and more than my usual three layers, gloves, a scarf and a warm drink. And my iPhone for when I need a break from watching football ;)

Loving: Looking forward to coming home each night and cuddling on the couch. Also loving this cold, fall weather, scarves, sweatshirts, and fire pits (with s'mores!). Also loving our warm bed and super comfy duvet and puppy cuddles.


Not Loving: The current power struggle between Bret and Guillermo. Since we moved into this [awesome] house, Guillermo has been trying to stake claim over everything.... even Makinzie. Which is obviously not okay. So, Bret has been trying to work with Guillermo..... and Guillermo's response was to pee on Bret's side of the bed. Needless to say, we are now gating off the bedrooms so that he can't continue this ridiculousness.

Looking Forward To: Grad school! It starts in 12 days. I'm getting a Master's degree in Education: Curriculum and Instruction. I am so excited to start. I got overly giddy just setting up my email account, this evening. I know, I am a nerd. Also already looking forward to Christmas break: Disney World with the family, meeting Bret's sister, Christmas, New Years, and our anniversary all in one week!

Excited About: iPhone 5! Brother, his girlfriend, and I all got the new iPhone the past few weeks. I am in love with it. Besides being really frustrated that there are NO accessories available for it, I am really happy with the upgrade. I have head that if you go from the 4S to the 5, it's not a noticeable jump. Since I went from the 4 to the 5, though, I now have Siri and an extra row of icons, and all the other amazingness that came with iOS 6. So, I am super happy with the new phone.

my brother and I

Happy About: School is in full swing. I haven't posted in..... forever..... and we have officially been in school for a month and a half. This year is a millions times better than last year, but I think that is mostly my experience pushing me forward. I would say that the crop of students this year are academically smarter but waaaaaay more childish. I have much more patience this year, though. I'm having a good year so far. :)


  1. Oh my gosh! I cannot even say how excited I was to open my reader and see your post! I miss you lady! It sounds like things are good and that makes me really, really happy.

    And I hope you guys can figure stuff out with Guillermo soon. When Roscoe started living in my place full time he marked his territory EVERYWHERE. He wrecked a few of my books and peed on my Comcast box (which is kind of funny now but wasn't at the time). Dogs are so snotty sometimes!

    1. This comment totally made me smile :) what a nice thing to say!! Things are going great. I've been so absent from social media the past couple months but I miss you and everyone!!!


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