Sunday, February 26, 2012

Harry Potter Challenge v.7

Day 7 - Who is your favorite female character? Why?

I'm behind. Like, really behind. But that's okay, better late than never, right? :) 

Ginny is definitely my favorite female character. There are so many likable ones, but she is probably one of the girl characters that is most realistic to me. Even though she was surrounded by the magical world from birth, she was still very unsure of herself during her first years at Hogwarts. She was starstruck, and a little clumsy. I'm pretty sure we'd have a lot in common... Also, Bonnie Wright is gorgeous.


  1. ginny is pretty kickass! i remember feeling really "impressed" for some reason when i learned that her name is 'ginevera' and not 'virginia' as i had assumed. just one more really unique trait she has.

    my dear watson

  2. Luna is my fav. I actually dunno why but I have always chosen her over all the other characters.. maybe cause I can relate to her?

  3. I love her crush on Harry, I always found that to be really realistic. Ginny's an awesome character!


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