Sunday, January 22, 2012

Harry Potter Challenge v.6

Day 6 - Which house would you want to be in? Which house do you think you would get?

I know I posted this last week, but get over it. It's awesome, right? I love Pinterest. As if I even need to say it. Anyways, I digress....

Which house would I want  to be in? Gryffindor, obvs. I feel like if I were in any other house, I would just be jealous and depressed about not being in Gryffindor. :) Which house would I probably end up in? Almost positively Hufflepuff, based on this description: "A Hufflepuff is loyal and honest. While this House is often considered the least desirable of the four, and the "other" section for those who aren't brave, smart, or ambitious, Hufflepuffs probably have the strongest character. Unblinded by idealizations of glory or their own pride, Hufflepuff students do what is right not just for themselves, but for others."

Which house would you want to be in? Which house do you think you would really end up in?

Happy Sunday :) 


  1. haha its the same for me :)! I do always want to be the best at what i do so maybe Ravenclaw? I'd definetely drop out if i were to get sorted into Slytherin haha. love the challenge :) HP lives on!

  2. Oh, I know I'd be in HufflePuff, and I'm quite okay with that! As odd as it may seem, Hufflepuff has always been my favorite house. :]

  3. I'm pretty sure I'd be in Hufflepuff too, so at least we'd be in good company!

    P.S. I'm going to wear the necklace you sent me today!

  4. I would definitely be Gryffindor, I share a birthday with Harry Potter! July 31st! Love your blog, by the way!

    1. I am so jealous. My birthday is July 30, and I always wished my mom could have waited 8 more hours to have me!!! Haha :) Thanks for visiting + following. You are awesome!


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