Saturday, October 01, 2011

DIY: Apartment Edition

Happy Saturday! I am having a great weekend, so far. I have done a whole lot of nothing except watch almost the entire first season of Desperate Housewives (I'm addicted) and cuddle with the puppies. This week at school was great until around Thursday, and then my kids decided to turn on me. Haha, I'm not sure what got into them, but they were SO hard to reign in on Thursday and Friday. Those two days exhausted me! 

I plan on spending the rest of this weekend hanging out with my fur children and writing blog posts. For now, here's this week's DIY post! 

1. This is REALLY cute. I might even like it better for
my desk at work! The file organizer I have right now leaves
something to be desired. 

2. At thrift stores and online, I keep seeing creations made with old windows.
This could be really cute in the right room! I'm not sure that it really fits in my apartment,
but it's definitely pretty! 

3. Obviously, I have become obsessed with ornate, painted-over frames.
This is super pretty.

4. I don't know that I could pull off a design this pretty with Elmer's Glue
on canvas, but I think it's an awesome idea, and it would fit perfectly on the
frame/gallery wall I am envisioning above my desk in my bedroom!

5. I love this idea. I think I would probably choose a different flower,
or even a completely different design on top, but melty-crayon art is
really neat.


  1. I'm only a little in love with that window-table.
    It really wouldn't go in our place either but I WANT TO MAKE ONE.

  2. That first one is awesome. Like so awesome I'm going to show it to hubs and try to make it. Sorry the kids were so crazy Thursday and Friday! Hope tomorrow is better!

  3. I really like that crayon art! I've seen the rainbow one everywhere now, but that one is fun and different!


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