Friday, September 23, 2011

DIY: Apartment Edition (on a FRIDAY!)

I KNOW it's been a while for this feature, but I promise I am still keeping up with it! (The pinning part, at least! Haha!)

1. I have something similar to this at home, already. I wish I could take a picture!
I think this is SO pretty. In my bedroom, I have 5 different hand towel hooks in a row on the wall
where I hang my long necklaces, pretty bags, and scarves.

2. While I can't do too much of this at home, I have seen these pillows done before
(coughJackiecough) and I know are really easy to make! And super cute! 

3. I also don't think that I would ever be capable of this, or that it would be
appropriate to do in an apartment. Haha. It would be a total waste of amazing artwork.

4. What a good IDEA! Love the mustard wall and the yellow/green in the fabric.

Happy Friday <3 


  1. i looove the first one! very cute and anthro

  2. OKay I really want that bathroom. It has been settled that is how my bathroom will look in the first house I buy, Thank you for this.

  3. Um... I want that bathroom too!

  4. dude you could totally make those pillows. all you need to do is know how to sew in a semi-straight line, use an iron-on, and be comfortable with swearing a lot. also make sure you have felicity on netflix in the background.... crucial.


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