Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Today, Wednesday.

Happy hump day, friends! The past week has been pretty crazy, so excuse my lack of presence around here. Monday ended a stretch of about 11 days with no off days, and I have been pretty exhausted. Couple that with my graduation party, a phone/craigslist fiasco, and general life craziness, I've been pretty busy! (Also? That tank I am wearing is my new favorite shirt. I bought four of them. In different colors. YEAH, TARGET!)

If you follow me on Twitter, you know that I bought a Droid Incredible from someone on Craigslist over the weekend, and it turned out to be a very expensive paper weight. I tried and tried to get ahold of the person who sold it to me without success, and finally chalked it up to a loss. I listed it on Craigslist in the hopes that someone more tech savvy than I, or someone who could use it for parts would snatch it up, and they did! So I took a chance with Craigslist again, and bought a replacement. I have been wanting a smartphone for AGES. Since I started blogging and overall becoming more of a presence in the Internet world, I've been coveting the portability of unlimited data. Seriously guys? I don't know why I waited to so long. It's pretty amazing. I've been all over Twitter the last few days, and per Mandy's suggestion, I downloaded Vignette and have been taking some pretty fantastic photos, today. SO instead of continuing to blather on about how obsessed I am with my phone, I'll just show you some pictures :)

(This last one is severely creepy. I couldn't get her to come out, but I wanted her to be included!!)

Also, I got this pretty awesome argyle case for it on Amazon for $9.95. Pretty sure they have tons of colors, too!!

Also, this fancy cute wallpaper:

Before I go, starting today and going through next Thursday, but something from the shop and your total will be donated to get Gus walking again. :) Don't forget to use the code WELLHELLO for 20% off your order! 



  1. sorry you had bad luck with the craigslist phone! i'm glad you ended up getting one that you liked!

    ps - i saw those tanks at target! soooo cute!

  2. That crywolf picture is adorable! It's such a bummer that you had to go through such a hassle to get a working phone but it sounds like it finally worked out, so WOOHOO!!! =)

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit


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