Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Music Tuesday: CAKE.

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So, wayyyyy back in February, I bought Nick tickets to see CAKE at the Aranoff center downtown for his birthday. It's FINALLY here, and we are super excited. It turns out that Lynzie and Brandon and Kim and Chris were also going to the show, so we are all going out to dinner beforehand.

I know that Nick loves this band, but I have never gotten myself too familiar with their music other than what I've heard in Nick's car and what is played on the radio, so I thought that I would take this week's musical feature as my opportunity to familiarize myself (even though I'm still obsessed with Adele from last week. 21 is on constant repeat...)

After some research (and raiding Nick's iTunes library) these are my favorite songs....

And this...

And this! (you should skip the first 36ish seconds)

Do you like CAKE? What's your favorite song?


  1. hm. i would have to say my favorite songs are *symphony in C, *you part the waters, *mr. mastodon farm, *satan is my motor, *love you madly, *palm of your hand, *[their cover of] waiting, *[their cover of] never, never gonna give you up, and... of course, the obligatory love for *stickshifts and safety belts.

    that was me really narrowing it down!! i truly adore most of their songs :) check these out fo sho. i have their entire discography if you want to stop by this week and swipe anything. [not sure if nick has all 7 albums]

    i'm honestly not too into their newest album yet. i have only listened to it through maybe once, though. i'll probably end up loving it just as much as the rest eventually...

    p.s. can't wait for our sexy date thursday!!!


  2. Your boy and mine have the same taste in music! :) Daniel introduced me to cake a long time ago...I've sense collected almost their entire discography. Going the Distance was the first song I heard, got me hooked, and is still my favorite!

  3. Your amazing taste never ceases to make me stop and say "your so freaking cool!!"! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. Lynzie, I WISH I had time to do that! I'll have to survive on what I know!

    Kelly, We really should be friends irl. I'm down for moving to FL :)

    Janna, You are SO sweet! <3


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