Sunday, March 20, 2011

Happy Sunday, everyone!

So far, this weekend has been fairly eventful! Yesterday was my first official day as a college graduate, and I spent the morning/afternoon with my family getting professional pictures taken. There were some REALLY awesome ones. I especially love the ones of me and my sister and brother. I love them so much!! Here is a teaser (aka the only one I have) until my mom gets the rest!

There are some really great ones of the three of us together, and ones of just Tony and I that I really love. It was not a great experience at the place we chose, but the pictures turned out pretty great! 

Then, last night, my immediate family, some very close friends of the family, Nick, and I went to Olive Garden to celebrate my graduation, and it was so fun :) I didn't take any pictures, unfortunately, but I DID have eggplant parmesan which is my FAVORITE. It was very yummy. 

Today I had to work most of the day, but I got to teach my first class at work, and I sold a class all on my own! So proud of that :) I got to leave a little early, too, and Nick and I did a little shopping where I got a new filter for my Bobble water bottle and a refill for my Kindle account. :) 

Also, on Friday, one of my very good friends, Chelsey, told me that she is getting herself and me a new pair of TOMS for a graduation gift! I chose the olive colored ones:

!!! I can't wait to get them. We made a deal that when she graduates in June, I'm going to get each of us a pair, too :)

That's all for today!


  1. Sucks you didn't have the greatest experience at the photo studio you guys went too.

    Anytime you guys want pictures taken let me know :)

  2. Definitely will :) My mom had a gift card so I think that's why we chose this place!

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  4. Hey, You're awful cute!

  5. pretty picture!!

    and congrats on your first day as a college grad! does it not feel so good?!! also love those TOMS - i have the same pair :)

  6. Thanks, Dad :)

    Thanks, Ilene! I am so excited about graduation. Happy to not have school or homework for the first time, ever!!

  7. That photo is so cute! You both look adorable!

  8. I am SO getting TOMS as soon as I do my taxes. I swear. And a new bra.

    Yeah, I'm crazy like that.


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