Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Bloggin' Ladies: Cornflake Dreams

jillian :: 25 :: www.cornflakedreams.com

What is something interesting about you? 
i grew up in a very small town way west of chicago. my parents live on 10 acres and they have a mini-farm with horses, cows, sheep, chickens and a small garden. we also had a llama for about three years until he started spitting on the cows (i wish i was joking...my dad had to send tony the llama to another farm). i have been living in the city for a few years and i love it but there are times when i do miss wide open spaces. 

Why did you begin blogging? 
i started cornflake dreams as an outlet for my desire to be creative outside of work. it's a catalogue of all of the things that inspire me in the city, around the world and the web. blogging also (surprisingly) reduces my desire to shop! 

How long have you been blogging?
the end of september 2010-- almost to the six month mark!

What inspires you? / Where do you get your ideas?
i am inspired by a lot of things! life in the city- chicago has lots of lovely architecture and people, nature, old family photos, magazines (h and i go on saturday library dates so i can look through lots), online zines (lonnymatchbook), film (i love documentaries), television (hgtv, the food network, mad men, fashion police-don't judge), etsy, my friends and other lovely lady bloggers-- cup of jo was the first blog i ever followed and it's still my favorite.

Do you have any advice that you want to share with fellow lady bloggers?
please, please, please remove your captcha codes on your comment box. i am willing to bet not too many readers will leave nasty messages...and if they do you have the power to delete these messages- bam! 

What is one thing you are looking forward to most in your future (blog or otherwise)?
  • traveling with the bf :: we have a travel wishlist and this year we're crossing portland, barcelona and madrid off that list. next year we're thinking turkey and paris. 
  • starting a family :: i can't wait to make me some babies :) im not really a baby crazy lady, promise. but i DO think having children will be one of the most rewarding and challenging experiences and i am absolutely looking forward to it. 
  • meeting more ahmazing lady bloggers:: i have only been at this a few months but i have "met" so many inspiring women who have the ability to make me smile everyday. eventually i want to arrange a real-live get-together/blogger meet-up. i'm sure we'd all learn a lot from each other and have a lotta fun. 

thank you to the lovely stephanie for having me :) 


  1. haha love jillian! she is such a sweetie. i totally laughed out loud at her comment on excited to make babies. hehehe.

    great interview, ladies!!

  2. I do something similar called Bloggers Wednesday :)

  3. Great interview! I love Jillian's blog :)

  4. such a great interview, jillian!


  5. Thanks, everyone :) Jillian is awesome!

    I am going to check out your page, Han! <3


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