Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wednesday Wonders v.11

This Wednesday I wanted to try something a little different! Here are a few awesome photos I found via weheartit, as well as some google searches. At the bottom are some links that I want to share that are fun spots around the internet! 

[something we should all live by]

[valentine's day is coming... soon!!]

[I wanted a peacock tattoo for the longest time. This one is gorgeous]

[Hogwarts, FTW. Can't wait until HP7 part 2!!]

1. Postsecret - I am sure many of you are already familiar with Postsecret, but I have been reading this blog since high school, and it never gets old. New secrets are uploaded every Sunday, and they never fail to make you think. 

2. Facebook Profile Picture map - what does your profile picture say about you? ;)

3. When I get sad - I think about Neil Patrick Harris. 

4. Tea Bag Coasters - Do you drink tea? If you have been following Femmena Mala for a while, you know that I love tea. I would love to have a tea bag that does this! 

Happy Wednesday, friends! 


  1. oo i forgot about post secret! i should check out their site again. xoxo jcd
    ps be sure to enter my first jewelry giveaway::

  2. I really like the peacock tattoo. Very pretty.

  3. i agree with this entire post!

  4. Thanks, ladies :) !

  5. Those coasters are super unique. I've never seen anything like it. :) What a positive post!

  6. Those tea coasters are amazing!

  7. i have a friend with a peacock feather tattoo and it's completely gorgeous.

  8. Awh! I wonder if you've seen the peacock I have tattooed on my arm? I know you'd love it! :)


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