Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reviews, Opinions, and Other Things

Hello, friends! I have a couple of ideas for the blog, and I really want your opinions! I'll have a couple little blurbs about each, and then you please tell me what you think in the comments? Be honest! Femmena Mala is mostly my space to get out my words, but also a little your space to read about something you like, so I'm really interested in what you've got to say!

1. Book reviews? 

You know I love to read, and I find a lot of really awesome, fun books via my Kindle and Amazon's suggestions, as well as by reading other blogs that offer awesome reading suggestions. I have seen book reviews done on other blogs and I always end up adding a book or two to my list of "to-reads". Would this interest you guys? I know that all of you aren't readers, and this probably wouldn't even turn out to be a weekly feature by any means, but I think it could be really fun! 

In addition to that, if anyone has read a really awesome book that you think I might enjoy, or want to see reviewed on the blog, I would be MORE than happy to look into it and see if it's something I might want to read from beginning to end! 

2. Product reviews?

This is something that would really require your help/collaboration. I know that a lot of you have etsy/big cartel shops that you might be trying to promote, and while Femmena Mala is far too small to begin sponsorships, if there is anyone who has a product/shop that they would love to have some exposure for, I am throwing the idea around of doing product reviews! I think it would be fun to help you guys gain some exposure and some customers through Femmena Mala, and if you're interested, please leave a comment with your feedback! 


In other news, I found these the other evening and am excited to learn that two of them still mostly work! Being an Apple fan, I could never get rid of my old iPods, and hopefully I can get them back into complete working order! I love my pretty red one, from the second newest generation of nanos, but The oldest iPod (with a click-wheel!) is my all time favorite. The only problem is that it freezes frequently. Any ideas? (p.s. I'm totally a Verizon customer and cannot wait to get an iPhone. eeee!!!)

Nick and I are finally going to see HP #7 today with Lynzie and Brandon. I finished the series, and while I am really sad to be done (again) I really feel like it was the perfect ending of the series. Seriously, J.K. Rowling is my fave. If you were wondering, in the fall, when we can move into a bigger apartment, we plan on getting Guillermo a brother and last night we spent the car ride home from dinner (Indian food!) throwing around all of the Harry Potter inspired names (Remus, Rubeus, Sirius, Fenrir, Grindelwald, Bilius) we might consider for our future puppy son #2! 

Happy Sunday!


  1. I think that the book and product reviews would both be awesome!

  2. These are great ideas. I don't have my own shop, but I'd love to see products from others that I could possibly purchase! Book reviews would be excellent. My favorite authors are Megan McCafferty, Janet Evanovich and F. Scott Fitzgerald :)
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  3. Thanks, Steph! I was expecting a lot more input on this entry, honestly. So I appreciate that the two of you who responded are interested in both features :) I think I may do my first book review tomorrow!

  4. I think you should do what YOU want. ultimately, this is your blog and your sanctuary :)
    if you really enjoy what you are doing, others will too!


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