Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas came early...

This weekend was a really good one. Besides marking the final week of student teaching, I got to spend a lot of time with people I love! On Friday night, I hung out with my little sister for her birthday after driving to and from Oxford to get my latest tattoo, which I am going to do a separate post about later tonight or tomorrow!

On Saturday, we woke up early and had breakfast with my mom, dad, sister, and grandparents on my mom's side. It was really fun, and my mom made a really delicious quiche (spinach, onion, feta cheese, egg, and mushroom) for me, among so many other delicious things!

Afterwards, we braved the shopping masses to try and find a dress for me to wear on Christmas day. I found this one:

Which I was going to pair with grey sweater tights, black ballet flats, and a black cardigan.

But now I am thinking about taking it back. I think I just wanted to get out of the store and not look any harder than I had to for a dress, and I am not totally in love with it. It might just be jeans + a pretty sweater for me. I am feeling lazy this year, and have a feeling that I might be over dressed.

In other clothing news, tonight Nick and I went to PacSun to get me some new blue skinny jeans since mine have a huge hole in them. I ended up buying a replacement pair of the same ones (they are seriously the best fit + most comfortable jeans in the world) and also a pair of.... denim.... leggings. I am not sure if I am confused, but this does not mean jeggings, right?

Someone please reassure me that I am not going to be making a mistake by wearing these out of the house....

Also. Nick and I exchanged presents tonight and I am so excited. I got this pretty locket: 

As well as some new, awesome, HUGE memory for my computer which cries and whines whenever I have more than one program running. AND some brand new black Converse Chuck Taylors. I am so excited about this. They have black laces. This = perfection. 

Also, he opened his present (an xbox and lego batman, star wars, and indiana jones!) and loved it. We went out and bought Beautiful Katamari after having a Christmas date at Olive Garden (I am Italian and have not had pasta in WEEKS.) and that's what we have been playing for the past two hours! So fun :) 

I am excited to post pictures of my newest tattoo and a little surprise haircut that is happening on Tuesday morning! yay! 

Are any of your holiday celebrations starting early?
What did you spend your weekend doing?

Happy Sunday, friends! 


  1. well, my christmas celebrations don't start early, but my birthday is this week so it FEELS like the presents and such start early!
    Happy Christmas! Great shoes.

  2. thank you! and happy birthday :)

  3. You sure do love red shoes! :)

    I like the dress, but I, too, am questioning the dress I got (for NYE, not for Christmas). I may try again tomorrow...

  4. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The locket you received is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Kate - red is my favorite color :) too bad we can't go shopping together!! <3

    Chelsea - THANK you! I am in love with it :) I hope you had a great weekend as well!! <3

  6. I am not embarrassed to say that I love jeggings, and I'm pretty sure you will too! Yay for early presents!

  7. That locket is so pretty! What a lovely gift!

  8. what a gorgeous gift, that locket is just stunning :)


  9. oh my goodness! my brother has GOOD taste!!! i can't believe he didn't ask me for help :)
    i think jeggings are overrated in the sense that anyone can even TELL they aren't just skinny jeans. you have nothing to worry about... i think they are supercute!!!
    i have not yet decided what i want to wear on chrismas, either. i think i'm going out today.
    call me if you'd like to meet up.......
    <3 xo seaster.

  10. love lvoe quiche!! glad you had a good gift exchange-- the locket is v pretty. i like the dress you picked out! paired with tights and a cardigan so you dont freeze of course. you should consider wearing a bright color cardigan tho to give the outfit some color. excited to see your new tattoo! xoxo jcd

  11. Thanks, Melificent! I hope so :)

    Tara and Zoe - I am absolutely in love with it. Thank you :)

    Lynzie - thanks, Lynz ;) Reassurance helps a lot in this case. I bought another pair today. HA!

    Jillian - thank you! i can't wait to post about my tattoo :)

  12. Can't wait to see your new tat, I have been wanting new ink for quite awhile. Your gifts sound lovely, especially the Chuck Taylors.


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