Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bloggin' Ladies: This Military Mama

In honor of the the Cold Hands, Warm Hearts post that I did yesterday, I wanted to let you guys have a chance to get to know Tara better, so I decided to do an impromptu version of Bloggin' Ladies on her! Hope you enjoy :) 

Tara Altier, 26, This Military Mama
Tell us something interesting about you!
I'm a Southern California native living in Conneticut {I'm married to a Navy Submariner} and I really don't like snow. I love all things Disney {I got engaged at Disneyland in California and we honeymooned at Disney World!}, Harry Potter, and crafting {I'm should never be allowed to shop alone with my debit or credit card in a Michael's. Seriously.}

Why did you begin blogging? 
As a way to update my family about our daughter. Hubby and I had just got transfered to Washington State right before Emma was born and all my family lived in California and his in Georgia and North Carolina. It was an easy and fun way to post pictures and brag about her with out having to make a bajillion phone calls. 

Also, my husband was going to be deploying soon so I looked at it as something new to do and focus on while he was gone. Never thought it would be so much fun or that I would meet so many great people! {Like you Stephanie!}
How long have you been blogging?
Three years and one month {as of 12/11/10}

Who is your inspiration for writing/doing what you do? 
While initially it was my daughter, and my kids are still a big inspiration, I use it now as a platform to express me. That could be personal posts, product reviews { I love to shop!}, or just to share things that are on my heart. My blog has become another way to express me and who I am, and sometimes that is me figuring out who I am now as I grow in life. 
Where do you get your ideas?
Oh man. Sometimes a photo, sometimes a moment I'm having, and a lot of the times when I've just settled in to bed or when I'm taking a nice hot shower {probably cause it's the few times where there is actually silence around me haha!} 

What is something interesting about you? 
 I mentioned I loved to craft, and I'm in the progress of opening an Etsy store! I'm really excited about it, I'm just stuck on picking out a name for it. 
Do you have any advice that you want to share with fellow lady bloggers?
Enjoy yourself and have fun with your blog! Reach out to other bloggers, through comments, twitter, or email! It makes blogging so much more fun! 
Let your blog grow naturally as you do! 
What is one thing you are looking forward to most in your future (blog or otherwise)?
My Etsy store for sure! {a name, a name! I need a name!} Plus, I have a few things I have planned for my blog during the upcoming year that I'm excited about! {They are surprises though :D}

Thanks, Tara! <3

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  1. Thanks for including me in your bloggin' ladies feature! I'm honored!


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