Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wednesday.. not so wonderous

I realize, it IS Wednesday, today, but I have bad news - I was a slacker and didn't collect pictures for this week's Wednesday Wonders. I am disappointed in myself, also. Sad face.

You had to have noticed, though, that Femmena Mala has a new look! I wanted to change it with the season, and probably will change it up again in the near but slightly distant future :)

The above banner is courtesy of Amy from amyshmamey.

She SO graciously offered to make this banner for me for free a couple of days ago, and I am so happy with the way it turned out! I think it really makes the place look Autumn-y :) Thanks, Amy! <3

This week has been kind of frustrating. I really try my hardest to be upbeat here, and I rarely make space to write anything negative, simply because so many journals in the past have turned into that. However, I have been feeling really down lately, and I am not entirely sure why. I think it may have part to do with the fact that I spent all of this weekend alone in the apartment, and I thrive on being around people. I wanted to go home to spend time with my parents, Cate, and Tony, but I felt terrible leaving Guillermo alone after his surgery. 

Nick has also been having a rough time at work the past few days, and it might be rubbing of on me a little, too. Hopefully, I can get through this week and recharge over the weekend. I try hard not to let myself get down, and I haven't done too great of a job this week. 

What do you all do when you're feeling down?

Hope everyone has a great Wednesday. <3


  1. i already turned so down i can enjoy being low. the only advice i can give is not to walk on my path :)

  2. when i'm feeling down, i try to give myself some space. give myself permission to not think too much about the problem. maybe it takes going on a walk, having a cup of coffee, blasting some music and dancing around the living room. do what you can to take a break and breath a little bit.

    will be thinking about you, girl. :)

  3. what a good idea :) I think I WILL take a long walk. hope you're having a great day! <3

  4. Lately, when I'm feeling down, I always seem to end up reading (which is one reason why I LOVE your new banner!). Whether it's curling up with a novel, some funny David Sedaris, or even some of my favorite blogs, it calms me down like nothing else can.

    Sorry you're feeling blue, I hope it passes soon!

  5. I have been doing the same thing lately. Thank you for such a thoughtful comment! ;) <3

  6. I've been feeling quite down lately, too, so I'm not the best person to give advice on optimism. But I hope things turn around for you! <3

  7. Thanks,, lady; it means a lot! I hope YOU feel better, too. <3


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