Saturday, October 02, 2010

Weekend Haps!

Today is going to be spent doing lots of things: We already went to the grocery to pick up a few things. Pomegranites were on sale, so we scooped one up because Nick has never tried them (SOGOOD) and we also got some frozen veggies, a frozen pizza (mmm) and some moisturizing puppy shampoo. Guillermo has had such problems with dry skin lately and we finally found some extra moisture shampoo (all natural, of course) that we really trust! We also scooped up some strawberries because Lynzie told me the other day that broccoli and berries are great for inflammation in puppies, and Guillermo has had a bum leg for a while now. We are hoping he grows out of it, but here's for wishing.

Right now, we're sitting on the couch cuddling with Guillermo (and each other ;) ) watching our television addiction #1: Hell's Kitchen! It was awesome finding out that they are having another season so close in time to the last one. We love this show, along with Weeds and Dexter. Speaking of Dexter... omg. This season is going to be AMAZING. 

Laura and Justin are the married couple that live below us, also great friends that we have known for a long time. Laura offered to dye my hair when she gets home from work tonight and I cannot WAIT! My hair got so light over the summer, and I am ready for a fall color. I chose Dark Brown by Revlon Colorsilk. It's fairly cheap, and they have the colors that I love. 

Tonight will be spent at a house warming party for Nick's cousin, Amy, and then getting ready for tomorrow! Tomorrow is going to be so exciting because it will be our first baseball game together, and my first Reds game in SOLONG. Lynzie and Brandon are using our other two tickets, and we're all going together. It's going to be pretty cold out tomorrow so I can't wait to break out my jackets and scarves and boots! Yay for fall events :) I can't wait. 

After the game, we'll head over to my parents house to have our first weekly Sunday dinner. My mom always has something yummy for me to eat, so I can't wait to see what she comes up with this time! In the meantime, we're just gonna sit back and have a few beers.... ;) 

Hope everyone is having just as great a weekend as he is! Don't forget to check me out on Facebook and Bloglovin'! Thank you everyone for stopping by, and don't forget to follow! <3


  1. whoa, i wish i could see a baseball game too!
    i've never been at one :)

  2. You should go! They're so fun. This just happens to be the last game of our season before the playoffs, so we are lucky we got some free tix! <3

  3. That is the EXACT color and brand I dye my hair with! Great minds think alike. : )

  4. Yes! It's 'cooking' as we speak, so far it looks REALLY black, but I'm so ready for a change. :)


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