Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wednesday Wonders v.5

Wednesday Wonders is back! (Predictably.) Hope you all had a great Wednesday and your Thursdays will be even better! Here's to spending the rest of the night with my Kindle + and tall glass of ice water.

1. Beacause... HAHA! [But, boo, steak.]

2. Love her. My little sister, my mini me. <3

3. Okay, I have decided, Guillermo NEEDS a kitten brother.

4. Got this in the mail today! Completes my collection, finally! 
Guess how much I paid for it on Amazon? Yup, $1. 

5. Have you met Nick? P.s. I <3 HK.

6. Because this word is not used enough. 

7. This is what rainy days should look like. 

8. I got Nick this rose two years ago on our first
 Valentine's Day and this is what came of it. 

9. My dad made roasted pumpkin seeds the other night - YUM!

10. I NEED THIS. SO pretty. 


  1. the Hello Kitty box/suitcase is TOO cool, I wouldn't think for long about buying if i saw it somewhere :D

    HP7 for $1? What a good price.

  2. Me too! I found that online when I was thinking of getting an HK tattoo.

    I am so excited about completing my HP collection in hardback, finally! It makes me want to read them again!

  3. HP7 for $1? Best. Deal. Of all time.

    I made roasted pumpkin seeds yesterday, but they're not quiiiite as delicious as I'd hoped. :/

  4. How do you make yours? P.s. I am kind of addicted to buying used books on Amazon for very cheap.

  5. hahaha that first pic cracked me up! Love it!

  6. haha! me too :) im a sucker for grammar jokes lol


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