Saturday, October 30, 2010

First of all, I love Molly Ringwald.

Today is starting off pretty well, save for a few minor blips! Nick was supposed to work this morning from 8-12, but they ended up calling him to say he didn't need to come in. So, we slept in for the better part of the morning, and then got up to head to his dad's house. That's where I am now with Guillermo while Nick and his Dad are fixing Nick's car (I swear this boy ALWAYS has car problems; he's a magnet for them). I have some exciting news at the end of this post, so read to the end! ;)

Last Friday when we took Guillermo to the vet, she gave us a liquid anti-inflammatory for his leg. Until a couple of days ago, he was responding well. He has thrown up three times, and occasionally has diarrhea. (sorry for tmi) The instructions with the medicine say that this is normal for small dogs, but I am still kind of worried about him, and also feel sad that he feels so yucky :( Keep thinking good thoughts for the little guy, please! <3 P.S. We got him a Halloween costume the other day:

While they are working on Nick's car outside, I am hanging out on the couch under a blanket (it's FREEZING in his dad's house!) watching one of my favorite movies, Sixteen Candles! Let me just say that I LOVE Molly Ringwald, and I haven't watched this movie in so long. I love it :) Here are some screen shots from the movie.

Also, in other news, the two interviews I had the other evening? I think I got BOTH jobs! For sure the PetsMart gig, which I had to take a drug screening for yesterday (annoying) and I haven't heard back for sure about the gift shop one yet, but I will be sure to update you all when I hear :) I talked to Joe at FV and he said that I can totally keep my one night a week there while I am working at the new place. I realize this is a lot to take on while I'm student teaching, so I am going to see how it goes for the first few weeks and see how I feel. I think I can probably make it work for only 7 more weeks?? I hope so!


I have some exciting news! For the month of November, I will be sponsoring both windshield diaries and pardonmyffrench blogs :) I am so grateful to both Crystal for offering the opportunity at no charge and Jaelynn for being so considerate about our situation with Guillermo and coming to me to offer a spot - I am so flattered! I will definitely keep my readers updated for when the features/buttons go up to check out. Thank you, girls! <3 

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! We'll probably be staying in with Guillermo for most of it to keep an eye on him since he's been feeling yucky. I highly suggest you all check out Sixteen Candles as soon as possible! <3 S


  1. Love the bee costume - and congrats on getting both the jobs!

  2. I think I have a girl crush on Molly Ringwald!
    Nothing beats a rainy day + 16 candles+ Breakfast Club

  3. Kate - Thanks! Guillermo hated the costume at first, but it ended up keeping him warm so he got over it ;)

    Cassie - Me, too! Those are the best movies to pass the time with, for sure.


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