Tuesday, September 07, 2010


I wish my classroom looked like this. :)

Today was a bit like pulling teeth with my students. After a long, three day weekend, they were still hibernating and not so ready to do the Daily Oral Language Lesson that I had so thoughtfully planned for them at the end of last week. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better because I am assigning their term research paper – the advanced kids get to write about a coming-of-age tradition or ritual of their choice (from a list that I have provided, naturally) and the other kids get to choose the career that they are most interested in and research it. These should make for some very interesting reads in a few weeks!!

I also finalized the literary analysis assignment that all of the kids will be getting at the end of September, and I am really excited to read what they have to say, even though I am sure that they won’t be as excited to write it. ;)

Tonight, my little Guillermo has to be taken to the vet to get neutered. Nick and I are really nervous, even though we know that many, many dogs have this operation every day, and that he will be just fine. We are mostly sad that he is going to be so scared in a cage overnight without his mommy and daddy. Since dogs, like most humans, cannot eat for a certain amount of time before surgery, he has to be taken in tonight instead for his surgery in the morning. I understand the reasoning behind this, but still am really nervous to leave him there! At least, we know we are lucky that this surgery is less invasive for a boy, and that makes us both feel so much better. Hopefully, having his baby blanket that he’s had since the very day we brought him home will make HIM feel better!!

I think we are both just so worried because he is our first baby (Chihuahua). ;) Send him good thoughts and prayers!! That being said, before we drop him off at the vet tonight, we are taking him to PetSmart to get a little treat. He is definitely spoiled! Needless to say, I might be more than a little distracted at work tonight!

Hope everyone has a great Tuesday!


  1. ummm I love Harry Potter. Love love love. and who wouldn't want to learn in a classroom like that! :)

  2. I know!! It's so neat looking. I was thinking about this on my way to school this morning. We are so spoiled with technology in our classrooms, but I guess with potions and spells, it wouldn't matter much ;)


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