Sunday, September 12, 2010

Happy Sunday, Sufjan Stevens, My Pet Raptor, and other lovely things.

Sufjan. First of all, this man has an incredibly unique name. Second, his voice is beautiful. I have only one of his six or seven albums, and it's one of my favorites, hands down. I love his music because it's so calming, and really eerie. The one album I have is Come On, Feel the Illinois. This album is meant to be one in fifty of each state that Sufjan Stevens writes about. He has one other called Michigan, which I haven't heard. This following song, "John Wayne Gracy, Jr." is my favorite on his Illinois album! I hope everyone enjoys... Not to mention he's pretty cute! ;)

This weekend was a little less than what I had hoped for. I think that my bad mood/stress from school this week carried over, and working 16 hours on Friday didn't help that much, either. It wasn't all bad, though. Nick and I basically stayed in most of the weekend, cuddling with the puppy and watching most of season one of Lie to Me.

It's really interesting, but can be monotonous if you're watching several episodes back to back, so, we alternated it with Seinfeld, season seven (we started on season one and worked out way up) and also Gangland from the History Channel.

Today, we went to see Lynzie's band, My Pet Raptor play at the Sayler Park Arts Center and it was really fun! I woke up in a bad mood because the people who live downstairs decided to get the whole house fumigated at the last minute, and the exterminators showed up about 2 hours early. Needless to say without a shower or proper morning routine, I left the house a little less than optimistic about my day. Bickering back and forth to and from the little Sunday show didn't help, but in the end it was a fantastic time. Lynzie sang beautifully and their band is awesome! I wish I some pictures or videos to share, but I don't. I can tell you, however, that they will be playing at the Mad Hatter sometime in October, and when I know more, I will post it here!

They even have a really cute logo;
I am sure, courtesy of the lovely Lynzie. ;)

That's all for now! I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday and a great Monday. 

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Until tomorrow, xoxo.


  1. thank you thank you thank you!!!
    you're too kind. i'm glad you could cheer up, too.
    because you deserve happiness. truth.
    our songs were as followed:
    can you?
    welcome pain
    don't look back
    you forgot
    epic [not official name... ha.]

  2. Yay! I think that can you and you forgot were my favorite favorite, and welcome pain gave me CHILLLLSSSS. You guys rocked :)

  3. aw thanks lovey!
    also, sufjan is a cutie...i figured he had a beard or something. ah, imagination.
    anyhoo. i like his music. can't wait for ohio.

  4. I know! Me neither. But it seems like he is taking forever to release these. I think he has another album coming out next month and it's definitely not a state dedicated one....

  5. I think you should gimme that album. And, take me to see Lynzie's band and what not.

  6. yessss come see us, tony!!!

  7. Tony, I would like this :) As long as you can get Mom and Dad to agree, lol


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